Web Design Mockup

V-Shinpo Newspaper Website Mockup

This was a project to redesign the existing website for V-Shinpo, A Vancouver based Weekly Japanese newspaper.

This site is designed to be minimalistic in nature, professional looking, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. The search bar at the top right of the site allows for the user to search the content of the site to find specific articles. The navigation bar at the top left of the site contains links to Vancouver Shinpo’s Social media sites, as well as an option to toggle between japanese and english. The main navigation bar contains links to the different sections of the site. When the user hovers over each navigation link a drop down menu will open up allowing different sub-sections to be accessed.

The four boxes after the featured articles act as links to different catagories of news. For example “Local, Entertainment, Japanese, National”. The footer of the site contains links to all major portions of the site so different pages can be accessed in one click.